Youth Tech U helps parents understand what their students are dealing with when it comes to social media, cyber bullying, and sexting. With this information, parents feel better equipped to have informed conversations with their children about appropriate online boundaries.

At Youth Tech U, you will learn:

  • How technology has changed things "since we were kids"
  • An in depth look at the pros and cons of most of the popular social media apps
  • The pressure put on our students (YES, your student also) to participate in sexting, and the possible legal ramifications of this behavior
  • Best practices to help students manage their social media and screen time

Scott Harvey has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and parents about these topics, and he brings 20 years of school based law enforcement experience into these discussions. Youth Tech U was birthed out of Scott's desire to get this information to as many parents as possible!

Course Curriculum

Hi, I’m Scott Harvey

I have been married for over 25 years, and my wife and I have two grown daughters. I served for 20 years as a police officer. During that time, I taught D.A.R.E. for 18 years, supervised School Resource Officers for 6 years, and organized educational opportunities for our community. I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of parents and students all across the country in the last 10 years about responsible use of their technology.

Teachable allows me to share what I have learned over 2 decades of working with students with a broader audience.

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Parents NEED to know how to help their kids make online decisions.

We are all ignorant about new things. But, I don't want you to STAY ignorant about something so important to your child's wellbeing. Youth Tech U was designed by a parent for parents like YOU!

Youth Tech U empowers conversations.

When we learn new things, its natural to discuss them with our fiends and family. Youth Tech U will give you the information and the confidence you need to talk to your kids about their technology. Informed conversations that communicate love are THE way that we change behavior.

Bringing my stage to your home.

I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, and parents all over the country! Youth Tech U allows me to teach you what I have learned about the benefits and drawbacks of student technology without you having to leave your home!